Why Chinese say “home is the smallest country, and country are millions of homes”

“Home is the smallest country, and country are millions of homes” is a well-known lyrics in  China, which always sounds in Chinese ears. In China, from ancient times to today, for heroes or people who have made outstanding contributions, we often mention a phrase, that is, ” feelings for home and country”. The feelings for home and country are the ideals of self-cultivation, managing family and nation and working for peace in the Book of Rites. It is the main responsibility of “concern before the world’s concern, and pleasures after the world’s pleasures” in “Yueyang Tower”. It is also an inseparable overall thinking of the state and family, society and individual in the Chinese culture. This epidemic(2019-nCoV) make the “home and country” of the Chinese people manifest in every corner of society.

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An Introduction to Machine Learning for beginners

I started to learn machine learning in three years. When I first to learn machine learning, I do hardly to make it clear that what does machine need to learn. Actually, as a branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning is an algorithm to acquire series of parameters of the function that you want to get. We can regard a system that have an input and an output as a function, e.g. y=f(x). All what we need to do is find a function to map x to y.

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ailemon blog went through the second year

With the coming of the new year, we were older than before. The AI​​Lemon blog, accompanied by everyone and me, passed the second year. In new year, I also become a student who is about to graduate. Like everyone else, from the beginning of school, with a dream of future, to a person who has learned some knowledge, has expertise in technology, and has insights into society. Looking back on the past year, look at our progress of the past year, the knowledge we have learned, the things we have done, we will know whether we are satisfied with our performance during this time.

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My First post for this blog website

This is my first English blog post. I have been writing Chinese blogs before. I am AiLemon, a technology enthusiast, mainly engaged in machine learning and related fields of study and research. I want to communicate and share with technology enthusiasts from all over the world through my personal blog. I hope my blog will grow with me.

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